Dublin Crossing Ambleside
We genuinely believe we can help your company with your needs, no matter how diverse.  Contact us today to find out more.

Dublin Crossing
  An Irish Pub with a warm inviting atmosphere Located on
 Cambie and Marine Dr.  

Grosvenor Ambleside

Consists of 57 prestigious residential and commercial units within walking distance to West Vancouver’s iconic waterfront.

* Commercial High Rise
* Residential High Rise
* Custom  Fabrication
* HVAC Estimating
* HVAC Design Build
* Metal Fabricating

* Insulated Duct
* Grills & Diffusers
* Fire Dampers
* Slab Duct
* Custom Stainless Steel
* Custom Metal Design

Over 20 years Loyalty
I would trust them with
any job any day!


About City Sheet Metal Ltd.

Since 1940 City Sheet Metal  has been providing custom Sheet Metal solutions to companies of all sizes and industries. Our dedicated staff has the expertise, resources, and support that you expect and deserve. Superb quality service is ensured, as our customer service is second to none. It is our incredible work ethic that has made City Sheet Metal the best.


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