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Michael Taylor   is part of the new ownership group and is the Manager/Operator of City Sheet Metal and is

the lead hand in dealing with all customer and supplier issues. With over 35 years in the trade he provides a

 wealth of knowledge and experience. He is considered to be the best of the best in his field. His complete

 knowledge of fabrication and installation and his dedication, hard work and enthusiasm will raise CSM to new

heights. Michael divides his time between estimating, project management and the day to day operations of

CSM.  Michael was fortunate enough to be able to persuade his son, Kevin to join him at CSM.



Kevin Taylor   has worked closely with Michael in the past and will continue to assist Michael in managing and

operating the company.  Kevin is a qualified journeyman and was awarded honours for his outstanding

 performance in union sheet metal competitions. Kevin is not only known for his expertise in the practical side

of the industry but he is also extremely well versed in computer technology and AutoCAD allowing for more

accurate and competitive pricing.